Who is Rett Rossi?

My name is Rett Rossi and I am pretty sure I have been curious since long before I knew the word 'why'. In fact, I was showing my mom this website the other day and she told me that when I was younger I was so immersed in understanding how things worked in the world, I barely talked to those around me. I'm glad all that curiosity is now paying off in my work with others.

Knowing curiosity drives me to explore and enjoy life outside the box has helped me embrace life in different countries, change careers, learn a new language and sustainably lose a considerable amount of weight. Curiosity continuously re-shapes the way I live. It is why I continue to translate ( as well as coach, while actively seeking out possibilities such as the SenseLab ( for thinking, moving and creating. No matter which of my interests I am pursuing, curiosity and experimentation are integral.

Originally from Canada, I first began coaching in my early teens as a volunteer at a YMCA in northern Ontario and have been coaching in one way or the other for the past 30-plus years. This has ranged from coaching sports, to working with people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and needed help adjusting to their new abilities, to mentoring clients who were trying to change nutritional and fitness habits to coaching academics as they work towards completing their research projects.

In the fall of 2000, I moved to Berlin, Germany and began translating a few years later.  Near the end of 2012, after experiencing an extended period of exhaustion and depression, I refocused on my health. Learning to finally use curiosity to shed light on myself helped me to slowly but surely lose weight and gain back energy and happiness in life. It is this experience that leads me to re-intensify my focus on coaching.

In addition to having completed training as a Life Skills Coach, I am also a certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1 and Level 2) and a certified Eating Psychology Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating), but my greatest teacher of all is clearly curiosity itself.

My Mission <=> My Passion

I am passionate about Coaching with Curiosity, whether that is working with clients to garner insights into how they 'tick' and harnessing the potential of those insights towards a specific goal or just for the pure joy of discovery.