As explained under the "Be the Change You Want to See" link, I am currently experimenting with selling packages of minutes instead of selling monthly subscriptions.

Coaching sessions may take place using video or phone calls, real-time chat/messaging services, emails or in-person if I happen to be coaching in your area.

Clients can mix-and-match how they use their time based on their own needs and preferences. Some may choose to use them for one in-person session, others may find they can spread them out over weeks (e.g., weekly email exchanges) or even a couple of months (e.g., 30-minute skype calls). You control your costs. 

  • 60-minute Package for You: 75€
  • 60-Minute Pay it Forward Package: 75€
  • Group Coaching is available - please use the contact form for more information about rates.

For me it helps to imagine a 3-dimensional puzzle that I can spin and look at from a number of different angles in order to ascertain your "next move".