What is Coaching with Curiosity?

Coaching with Curiosity is first and foremost client-centered.
It is my firm belief that you inherently know what you need to grow in the ways you want to. Sometimes though, you might not know where to look, might be too close to it or maybe even too resistant to recognize it. Coaching with Curiosity aims to increase your ability to tune into yourself and find those answers.

Coaching with Curiosity is experimental and practice based.
You might be familiar with a coaching style that focuses on developing habits using external accountability (e.g., checking in daily with a coach or software program to say "yes, I did X"). This technique is helpful in engraining clearly defined behaviours e.g., learning to eat your veggies, or drawing for 30 minutes a day. However, when you know what you 'have to' or want to do, but find yourself still not doing it, you might need another approach. This is where Coaching with Curiosity comes in. 

Unlike other methods, where frustration can build due to perceived 'failures', the unique advantage of Coaching with Curiosity comes to light when life gets messy or you feel like you have hit a wall. Our coaching sessions will focus on teaching you how to design, implement and review experimental processes and practices that will change your relationship to these experiences. Instead of viewing them as 'failures' or 'obstacles', you will learn to use them to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of your actions and behaviours,
  • discover and draw on your internal motivation, and
  • reveal and refine your abilities and strengths.

You will thus be doubling the possibilities to learn about what it takes to reach your goals while simultaneously garnering a much broader understanding of who you are and how you function.

With clearly focused, individualized guidance you will practice tuning into your self-knowledge and identifying what you need to flourish in the directions you choose.

Moreover, by learning the art of experimentation, you will develop a personalized system for assessing your needs, breaking them down into comfortable daily practices, and creating plans to actively cultivate them.

By the end of our collaboration, you will be able to translate and apply these processes to any area of your life that you wish.

Is Coaching with Curiosity right for you?

If you are motivated to learn more about yourself and willing to invest the time, energy and patience it requires to deepen that knowledge, Coaching with Curiosity might be a perfect fit for you.