Be the Change You want to See

Just as I encourage my clients to experiment, I too explore different ways of managing and operating my coaching practice.
In developing this business, one of my primary mandates is accessibility. In order to broaden accessibility, I am currently focused on making my coaching services as financially flexible as possible while boosting the spectrum of possible communication techniques.

Experiments in Financial Flexibility:
Making coaching financially viable for a wider range of clients has traditionally been managed through sliding rates. However, if we assume a fair base rate, it then means some clients overpay while others underpay. This is not a 'feel-good' solution for me.

Experimentation is thus called for!

The goal is simple: find creative ways to earn a living while meeting the financial needs of clients who seek me out.

The guiding constraints include:

  • Some 'investment' has to occur from the client’s side.
  • The client needs to feel they are 'getting their investment worth'.
  • The investment exchange has to be transparent.
  • Mutual trust and respect are an inherent part of it.
  • It has to be legal.


Should you have any ideas of an experiment that fits these constraints, please use the contact form to suggest them. Two specific experiments in this area are now being conducted:

  1. Pay it Forward involves clients who have had a good experience with coaching (either with me or someone else) and want to give the gift of coaching to someone else. The person paying in this context acts as a sponsor and can either choose to sponsor a specific individual or group for a set number of sessions, or choose to sponsor an individual or group unknown to them. In the latter case, contact between those being sponsored and the sponsor is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  2. Money is not the only Investment recognizes that time and energy are also investments. In this case, clients and I experiment around the level of support they require. Previous examples here include clients who have opted to take the responsibility on themselves for our regular contact, initiating check-ins regarding their on-going practices, instead of waiting for me to prompt them, or opting for single weekly email exchanges instead of weekly skype calls. In order to facilitate this approach, I have opted to forgo selling 'monthly packages' and instead focus on selling 'minute packages'. Clients can choose how these minutes are used and no communication method is valued greater than another.


If you are interested in partaking in either of these experiments, please reach out to me for further information using the contact form.

Returning sponsors may also go directly to purchasing.

Boosting Communication Techniques:
Traditionally, face-to-face oral communication has dominated the coaching field. Thanks to the internet, a broader spectrum of possibilities is easily within reach. Email and chat programs now make it possible e.g., for those who require facilitated communication to participate in coaching from places where they have access to facilitators or for those who have social anxiety to partake from their own homes. I may not be able to communicate across the full gamut of possibilities, but I am highly motivated to try and find ways to make it work.

“Pay it Forward”: involves clients who have had a good experience with coaching (either with me or someone else) and want to give the gift of coaching to someone else.