What is coaching with curiosity?

Curiosity brings out the detective in us, the 'googler', the explorer, the child. It drives us to act, to experiment, to learn. Odds are, curiosity brought you here. If it can do that unconsciously, just imagine what you can do with it when you tap into it consciously. Read more...



Some examples

To give you a better idea of how your Coaching with Curiosity sessions might look, I've written up three scenarios based on actual clients. Read one related to an area you are curious about, or read them all to get inspired. Read More...



Be the change you want to see

I do not just coach with curiosity, I live with it, just like I encourage my clients to. Be the Change You Want to See is where I dare us to work together outside of our coaching sessions. The experiments change regularly. Currently, the focus is on the accessibility of coaching. Read more...



Why be curious?

 What does it look like when we begin to live consciously with curiosity? What do we need in our life to keep being curious? How can we let it drive us to the changes we want to make in our life? Getting Curious is the place where we will explore these and other questions that arise. Read more...


Curious Facts